Skill Sample Stunts
Archery Compound Bow, Crossbow, Hunting
Area Knowledge Back roads, People, Wilderness
Art Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Athletics Acrobatics, Climbing, Disease Resistance, Endurance, Jumping, Running, Skiing, Specific Sports, Swimming
Brawl Bar Fights, Boxing, Improvised Weapons, Wrestling
Computers Games, Hacking, Repair
Craft Carpentry, Masonry, Plumbing
Deceive Bluff, Lie, Seduce
Demolitions Civil, Mining, Military
Drive Car, Motorcycle, Stunts
Engineering Civil, Electrical, Mechanical
Firearms Assault Rifle, Modifications, Pistol, Repair, Rifle, Shotgun
History American, European, Governments
Investigation Criminal, Gossip, Scientific
Impress Etiquette, First Impression, Public Speaking
Languages Specific Language
Larceny Fence, Forgery, Lockpicking, Pickpocket
Medicine First Aid, Surgery, Prenatal
Melee Baton, Fencing, Knife
Performance Acting, Dance, Singing, Specific Instruments
Persuade Charm, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Leadership
Pilot Boat, Fixed-wing, Ground
Politics Back room, Elections, Mafia
Religion History, Rituals, Specific faith
Repair Autos, Firearms, Robotics
Riding Camel, Horse, Rodeo
Science Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Veterinarian
Stealth Conceal, Hide, Sneak
Streetwise Drugs, Hideouts, Weapons
Survival Hunting, Tracking, Winter
Tactics Chess, Search & Rescue, Small Unit
Teaching Classroom, Hands on,
Weaponry Artillery, Rocket launcher, Tripod mounted

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